Picture this luxurious Fall Foliage Arrangement sitting on your side table. Let it’s classic beauty bring everything together.

Carefully handcrafted by two generations of island girls, this beautiful piece denotes what holiday traditions are all about.

When is was put together, careful hands and detailed eyes poured out a labor of love, so that you fall decorations could reach that special sophisticated note.

When they ask you where you got your wonderful arrangement, tell them it was a labor of love. It is unique, and it was not mass produced.

***Note: $5.00 will be donated for relief efforts in Puerto Rico for each item that you purchase. The more items that you get the more will be donated towards relief efforts for Puerto Rico.***

Handcrafted Fall Foliage Arrangement - The Final Touch to a Luxurious Decoration

Fall Foliage Arrangement

$ 140.00

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