Black Friday In April: Business Domain Hosting Only $3.75


Business Domain Hosting

Looking to make money online? Already have an online business?

Here at Black Friday Discounts great deals are always coming up, even in the middle of April! This particular deal is for all you entrepreneurs out there. Check this out: You can get a Business Domain Hosting Plan for only $3.75 ! You heard me right, you can get your business website hosted on a Linux server for the meager price of $3.75 per month. That comes to 31 cents per day!

Your business hosting plan includes:

  1. Set up and manage  domains (websites) from 1 place
  2. Unlimited Disk Space
  3. Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  4. Multiple MySQL databases with unlimited storage
  5. Create numerous ad campaigns through the integrated mailing list  manager
  6. Keep track of your sites’ performance  with  detailed Statistics tools
  7. Free Auto-responder E-Mails
  8. 500 POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts
  9. SPAM Filters  for your e-mails
  10. 24/7 Customer Support
  11. Phone support
  12. Live Chat Support
  13. One-Hour Ticket/E-mail response Guarantee
  14. PHP4 and PHP5 Support,Python,Perl Scripting
  15. Over 3400 Perl modules
  16. 30+ Popular PHP Scripts

This is just a sampler of all the features that you get from this Black Friday April Deal. So what are you waiting for Get Your Business Domain Hosting now!

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