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Save $1,595.70 Electric Stand Assist Lift

Electric Stand Assist Lift – $3,545.99

Retail Price: $5,141.69
You Save: $1,595.70

Do you manage or own a nursing home or an assisted living facility? You can save $1,595.70 on this Electric Stand Assist Lift now! Not only will you save up front when you make your investment, but in the long rin you can keep your patients safe, and protect yourself and employees from back injury when caring for your patients.

After you get his electric lift, make sure and tell your liability insurance carrier and your workers compensation carrier that you invested on this great device so you can get even more savings since many insurers offer discounts for injury reducing devices like this one.

Some of the great future included are:
Dual-battery system electronics for easy and convenient charging as well.
Battery-powered sit to stand lift is appropriate for partial weight-bearing patients
Removable foot platform for gait training
Stand assists available in 400 and 600 lb. (181 and 272 kg) versions
Controls are easy-to- operate

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